4 manieren om het immuunsysteem van uw hond te stimuleren

4 manieren om het immuunsysteem van uw hond te stimuleren

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If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know how upsetting it can be when your precious pet gets sick. Just like children, dogs are susceptible to all kinds of infections and illnesses, and it’s very difficult to see them suffer through it.

While you can’t prevent your dog from ever falling ill, you can use various tactics, including high-quality vitamins for dogs, to strengthen their immune system so they have the best chance of fighting off any nasty bugs they encounter.

Ways Boost Dog's Immune System Header ImageCBD oil. Try to keep their environment as quiet and calming as possible, and perhaps invest in a weighted vest that helps them feel secure.

Remove Toxins From The Environment

While it’s not possible to prevent your dog from encountering harmful toxins, you can make an effort to remove toxins from their immediate environment. Make sure their bedding is clean and free from chemicals. Avoid feeding them commercial or processed foods, as these are more likely to contain artificial additives and other toxins. Use natural, plant-based treatments on your dog’s fur, and stick to natural medicines where possible.

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