Chinees-Australische familie heeft 'COVID-19 China sterven' gespoten op garage in huis in Melbourn

Chinees-Australische familie heeft 'COVID-19 China sterven' gespoten op garage in huis in Melbourn

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‘COVID-19 China die’: Asian-Australian family is targeted by racist vandals who spray-painted offensive graffiti on their garage door and threw a rock through their window

  • The family in Knoxfield, Melbourne woke Monday to find the cruel message
  • ‘COVID-19 China die’ was spray-painted spray painted across their garage
  • The family was had a rock thrown through their window on Tuesday
  • It follows a string of other racially motivated attacks since outbreak of COVID-19 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

By Eliza Mcphee For Daily Mail Australia

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A young Chinese-Australian family is living in fear after vandals targeted their home in the latest racially motivated attack since the outbreak of the coronavirus.  

The family from Knoxfield in Melbourne’s east woke on Monday to find the words ‘COVID-19 China die’ spray-painted across their garage

The residents were targeted again early Tuesday morning when a rock was hurled through their window. 

A family member, who asked only to be referred to as Jackson, said they have now been forced to buy security cameras.

Racist vandals spray painted  ‘COVID-19 China die’ on the family’s home in Knoxfield in Melbourne’s east

A rock was also hurled through one of the windows in the early hours of Tuesday morning

‘I’m just scared. I’m busy buying CCTV systems, repairing glass and buying lamps,’ Jackson told the ABC

‘I’m afraid these people will come back tonight.’ 

Footage shows one person hanging around the home before a loud crash is heard and the culprit flees the property.

Victoria Police said they are investigating the two incidents. 

Daniel Palmer, a designer and developer, shared the images of the graffiti that read ‘death to dog eaters’ on his street in Epping, 18km north-west of Sydney’s CBD, on Monday

The incident is the latest in a string of racist attacks on people of Chinese heritage over the spread of the coronavirus. 

Earlier this month, in Epping in Sydney’s north-west a street with a large Asian population was covered in graffiti that read ‘death to dog eaters’. 

Daniel Palmer who lives in the street shared the pictures online.

‘Week 2 of isolation: This s*** on my road in front of an Asian household in f***ing Epping,’ he captioned the images.

‘S*** like this lurks beneath the surface in society, and you usually only notice it if you’re ethnic when it creeps out in small bite-sized chunks.’  

In Kyabram, north of Melbourne, Chinese and Nazi swastika flags were seen flown from a communications tower as part of an alleged racial attack.  

The words #COVID-19 had been written on one of the Chinese flags.  

The words #COVID-19 had been written on one of the Chinese flags

Sophie (pictured, left, with sister Rosa) said no one should be able to get away with racial attacks, which have ramped up in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The argument broke out in the streets of Marrickville, in Sydney’s inner west with a woman in grey (pictured) racially abusing two sisters

On another occasion in Sydney’s Inner West, a teenage girl was charged after she allegedly spat at and racially abused two women.

Shocking footage obtained by Daily Mail Australia in March showed two women in Marrickville copping a torrent of racist abuse before one of them was spat at.


New South Wales: 3,025

Victoria: 1,364

Queensland: 1,033

Western Australia: 551

South Australia: 438

Tasmania: 221

Australian Capital Territory: 106

Northern Territory: 28



DEAD: 93

Sophie Do, 23, and her sister Rosa, 19, were allegedly called ‘Asian dogs’ and a ‘dumb wh***’ as they crossed the street and were told they ‘brought corona here’.

One man was captured in footage cracking a whip outside the Chinese Embassy in Sydney and hurling racist remarks at people lining up outside. 

The racial tirade went on for several minutes with the man claiming the Chinese ‘deliberately released coronavirus’. 

‘We know it’s deliberate. Five million people left your country and spread that filthy f***king disease worldwide,’ he said.

‘You’re all wearing your masks and you know why you’re wearing your masks? You knew about it!

‘I’m onto you. I know you deliberately released this virus. 

‘Wake up Australia! Be wise to these pr**ks.’ 

A man was seen cracking a whip after exploding into a racist tirade outside the Chinese Consulate in Sydney

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