De catering voor eigenaren van gezelschapsdieren gaat door: Bounce debuteert met drogere lakens voor dierenharen

De catering voor eigenaren van gezelschapsdieren gaat door: Bounce debuteert met drogere lakens voor dierenharen

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Everything is going to the dogs these days—in a lighthearted, literal sense.

An increasing number of Americans consider the furry creatures members of the family and adoption rates have spiked across the country during the pandemic. With that, brands are catering to these enthusiastic pet owners, rolling out items from premium CBD oils to oatmeal and aloe shampoo for pets.

Procter & Gamble’s Bounce recently announced that its first ever line of dryer sheets aimed at pet owners tired of unwanted hair clinging to their clothes is available in stores nationwide. Twice the size of regular Bounce dryer sheets, the new Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard product also contains three times more hair- and lint-fighting ingredients, according to the company.

To help promote the new dryer sheets, the brand partnered with North Shore Animal League America, a no-kill rescue and adoption organization. Throughout October, Bounce is offering up to 500 individuals $50 off their pet adoption fees, along with a sample box of Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard, at participating shelter partners.

Bounce also published a checklist for new pet owners on its website. Near the bottom of the article, readers are encouraged to purchase a box of Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard.

Though the timing makes sense from an industry trends perspective, Shivani Kanneganti, P&G’s senior brand director of North America fabric care, said it was simply fortuitous: Despite the rise of adoptions during the coronavirus crisis, the innovative item was in development prior to the outbreak.

“Our consumer research has shown that when it comes to pets and clothes, shedding is one of the biggest challenges for pet owners,” she said. “Of the 68% of Americans who own pets, 70% of these pet owners are looking for solutions to pet hair and lint.”

However, it does cater to potentially wary would-be pet parents. Additional P&G data found that shedding is a major obstacle for people interested in bring a cat or dog home. The hope is that this product will help to alleviate that concern.

“We are excited to partner with Bounce Pet to help provide a solution to ensure that pet shed is not a barrier to pet adoption,” Joanne Yohannan, svp of operations at North Shore Animal League America, said in a statement.

With people spending more time at home with their pets, the industry has experienced strong growth. Earlier this month, the online pet product retailer Chewy reported that year-over-year sales increased 47% to $1.7 billion for the quarter ending Aug. 2. Nearly 4.6 million new customers signed up for the service during the three-month period, too—a larger boost than all of 2019.

From early March to late May, pet brands spent 51% more on advertising compared to the same time period last year, according to data intelligence firm MediaRadar.

Throughout the pandemic, P&G has seen demand for its many household products increase. In July, P&G reported that net sales for its Fabric and Home Care segment, which includes Bounce, Tide and Downy, climbed 11% for the three months ending June 30.

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