De jongste moordenaar van Australië gaat op criminaliteit voordat hij door een politie in een gestolen BMW wordt tegengehouden

De jongste moordenaar van Australië gaat op criminaliteit voordat hij door een politie in een gestolen BMW wordt tegengehouden

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A 15-year-old youth who killed a man when he was just 11 years old has gone on a six-month crime spree months after being released on supervised parole.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was jailed for manslaughter for his part in the mob killing of 26-year-old Patrick Slater in Perth’s CBD in 2016. 

After being granted supervised release in February 2018, the youth, now aged 15, went to live with an older brother.

The boy, pictured above some time prior to his participation in the fatal mob attack on 26-year-old Patrick Slater, is now aged 15. He went on a six-month crime spree including stealing cars and breaking into houses seven months after being released on supervised parole

For the first six months he obeyed his curfew and passed all his drug tests, but in late September issues arose and he moved between family members.

He then went missing and took off on an extraordinary crime spree with some older cousins, breaking into Perth homes and stealing cars.

During the six-month jaunt he stole four motor vehicles, committed two burglaries and engaged in trespass.  

Nine newspapers reported the boy was caught with Google satellite screenshots of a property while trespassing on it.

Perth Children’s Court where the youth was sentenced to an additional month of juvenile detention in addition to time served. He was caught by police after becoming involved in a high-speed police chase in a stolen BMW on March 13

Another home had its power cut before being broken into.

The youth was caught on March 13 after a high-speed chase during which he drove a stolen BMW taken from the Perth suburb of Winthrop.

Police chased the vehicle through several suburbs including Hamilton Hill, Palmyra and Melville, with the stolen car reaching speeds of up to 140km/h in a 70km/h zone as it raced through Coolbellup.    

The car became bogged in soft sand near roadworks.

WA Police said three males fled the scene.

The youth hid in a back garden in Yangebup where he was found by police with search dogs and taken back into custody, Nine newspapers reported. 

He appeared in Perth Children’s Court for sentencing on August 9.

Banksia Hill Detention Centre at Canning Vale where the youth has been incarcerated

Judge Julie Wager heard the boy had been led astray by older relatives.

After being caught he was detained in Banksia Hill Detention Centre at Canning Vale, where he played sport and had compulsory schooling. 

In her sentencing remarks, Judge Wager commended a positive report the youth received from Banksia Hill staff.

‘It says you’re … a very polite and compliant student, you follow instructions and you attempt all of the tasks that are provided for you by your teacher,’ she said.

Judge Wagner said the boy had been punished enough by time already served for the new offences which included two burglaries, four stolen cars, trespass and breaching his supervision order. 

The judge said the boy still had to be punished for reckless driving as he had risked the lives of road users during his police chase.

She sentenced him to an extra one month of prison on top of time already served, and disqualified his licence for two years which prohibits him from driving a car until he is 19, Nine newspapers reported.       

Judge Wager said the youth’s older brother, who had been referred to as a ‘shining light’ in his life, was prepared to take him back to live with his family when he is released again. 

The youth has already spent most of his teenage years in juvenile detention where he was first locked up at age 11.

He was the youngest person charged with murder in Australia after he joined in the fatal attack on Patrick Slater after Australia Day celebrations in 2016 near Esplanade Station in the Perth CBD

The boy had been hanging around with a group of males aged up to 29 years in the early hours of the morning following the fireworks.

The group got into fights with other groups before attacking Mr Slater with a variety of weapons including a star picket, screwdrivers, chunks of concrete and bottles (video of the brawl above). 

Mr Slater died from being stabbed in the heart with a screwdriver.

The 11-year-old boy was caught on CCTV footage running through the station with a bloodied screwdriver in his hand after the attack.

Six of his co-offenders were jailed for murder but the boy was deemed to be a follower and was sentenced to four years’ jail for the lesser charge of manslaughter in December 2017. 

Patrick Slater died after being attacked in Perth by eight males after Australia Day fireworks in 2016.  One of his attackers was an 11-year-old boy who was jailed for manslaughter

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