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A United Airlines flight from San Francisco has been placed on lockdown after landing in London after passengers on board complained of having coronavirus symptoms. Passengers, including British development officer Andy West (inset, right) on United Airlines Flight 901 (main) were told by the captain to remain in their seats after landing at Heathrow Airport on Friday morning because someone might have the contagious infection, which is now named SARS-CoV-2. The flight was among eight planes that have been simultaneously been put on lockdown on the Heathrow tarmac. It comes after a 15th American – an individual quarantined in Texas after returning from Wuhan, the outbreak’s epicenter in China – was diagnosed with the infection, now known as COVID-19 on Thursday (inset, left). San Francisco International Airport, the origin of now-quarantined flight arrived, is among 11 US airports through which all fights from China are now being funneled in order to screen passengers for signs of the virus that has now struck nearly 65,000 people and killed at least 1,1384 worldwide.

Kevin Qi (left), 42, attempted to cross the border from Canada back into the US, where he’s a resident. He told agents he had recently been to China and they detained him, because a warrant is out for his arrest in Pennsylvania. It’s unclear what crime he stands accused of. He has no symptoms of the virus that’s sickened more than 64,000 people worldwide so far, but is being detained and monitored at the Erie County jail (right) near Albany, New York, the Sheriff’s office said in a Thursday statement.

So far, the US and Netherlands are the only nations who will test anyone with flu-like symptoms for the new coronavirus – even if they have no recent history of traveling to China.

The WHO also said dousing the body with alcohol spray or sesame oil won’t work against COVID-19. Today the death toll hit 1,363. More than 64,000 cases have been diagnosed.

Kingston Crescent Surgery in Portsmouth (centre inset) went into lock-down today over a suspected coronavirus case as two MPs self-isolated after going to a conference attended by a sufferer and a channel 4 employee was escorted out of the broadcaster’s London headquarters (left inset) by medics wearing hazmat suits after feeling unwell following a holiday to China. Labour MPs Lilian Greenwood (right) and Alex Sobel (left) both attended a Westminster bus conference that a coronavirus sufferer also visited. The scares come as the number of confirmed cases in the UK remain at nine.

The staff member, who hasn’t been named but is known not to be a journalist, was escorted from the offices in Victoria by NHS staff wearing hazmat suits. He is now in self-isolation at home.

Dr Trevor Bedford, from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, said nothing about the virus appeared to suggest it had been made by people in a lab.

A GP surgery in north London – the Ritchie Street Health Centre in Islington – closed for the day ‘due to the coronavirus’ (pictured left, the surgery being cleaned by a man in protective clothing). It has emerged that no patients from or staff at the practice have tested positive for the virus – and it remains unclear why management took the decision to shut. The closure is not linked to the case in Lewisham, MailOnline understands. It comes after it was revealed London’s first coronavirus victim turned up to A&E in an Uber at the weekend and walked into a public area of the hospital while infected, sparking fears that she may have come into contact with others and spread the illness by accident (pictured right, man wears a face mask on the Underground).

Passengers on United Airlines Flight 901 were told by the captain to remain in their seats after landing at Heathrow on Friday because someone might have the contagious infection.

Workers in protective suits were sent to One The Elephant in London yesterday morning, after the UK’s ninth case of the SARS-2 virus was recorded the night before.

As of February 14, at least 48 cities and four provinces in China have issued official notices for lockdown policies due to the coronavirus, with measures ranging from ‘closed-off management’.

The Church of England has told its pastors and servers they must use alcohol hand sanitiser before handing out communion and that the virus is a timely reminder of hygiene’s importance.

David, 74 (inset), was on the brink of death due to a burst aneurysm in his stomach when he was rushed to The Royal Hospital in Liverpool. There was no time to spare for the father-of-three, and his family were barred from seeing him before he went under the knife (main). After making it through the procedure, doctors warned David his condition was likely a result of smoking cigarettes – which he admitted made him feel ‘stupid’. Last night’s episode was the first of the fifth series of BBC Two’s Hospital, telling the emotional stories of NHS patients.

Over 60s drank a mug of flavanol-rich cocoa three times a day for six months in a study by Northwestern University in Chicago. Participants were able to walk significantly further in a walking test at the end.

Artificial intelligence was tested by Barts Health NHS trust. The AI was used to analyse blood flow scans of more than 1,000 patients its predictions were more accurate than a doctor.

There were 5,042 recorded cases of mumps in England in 2019 – four times the number in 2018. Many of the infected are young adults at university, where outbreaks have become common.

But by pumping fluid through its blood vessels, and using pulses of oxygen which mimic a heartbeat, scientists have been able to keep five pigs’ hearts for 24 hours.

The Professional Standards Authority today issued a deadline for homeopaths to stop the advertising as NHS national medical director Stephen Powis said the decision isn’t enough.

Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University studied almost 6,000 people and found that a more prolific sex life almost doubled the chances of developing cancer for women.

The UK’s ninth case of coronavirus arrived at Lewisham Hospital in south London on Sunday night, in a major breach of public health advice. Two healthcare workers who came into contact with the woman have been told to self-isolate and the Uber driver’s account has been temporarily suspended. It came as 763 people were tested in just one day, with no trace of the virus found in any, reflecting the level of public anxiety. Ritchie Street Health Centre (top-right) in Islington, north London shut down, warning customers not to enter if they had been to China in the past two weeks (bottom-right) as staff donned masks to sterilise the building (left).

The virus-carrier was reportedly one of 250 delegates at the UK Bus Summit at the QEII Centre on February 6, whose star speaker was Boris Johnson ‘s Buses Minister, Baroness Vere.

China’s health ministry said 121 more deaths were recorded yesterday, as well as 5,090 new confirmed cases. The death toll is now 1,380 and infections have soared above 64,000.

World Health Organization officials said Thursday that after this category change, they don’t anticipate similarly dramatic increases in cases in China, nor are they seeing them in other countries.

Department of Health figures show 2,521 have been tested – up from the 1,758 that had been swabbed for the virus yesterday.

The interactive map tracks the lethal flu-like infection (red), which has killed more than 1,300 people and infected 60,000, and pits it against SARS in 2003 (blue), swine flu in 2009 (purple) and Ebola in 2014 (green).The map reveals coronavirus has already dwarfed the death and infection rate of SARS, which killed 774 people and plagued 8,098 in 18 months. By comparison, the new virus which killed twice as much and infected more than seven times that in less than eight weeks. Red circles mark the number of coronavirus cases and deaths around the globe on the interactive tool.

The Department of Defense issued a notice to the Navy and Marine Corps instructing them to check that they are prepared to support health authorities efforts in the event of a pandemic.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Thursday that a patient under quarantine at JBSA-Lackland in Texas has coronavirus, bringing US cases to 15 amid concerns it will spread.

English teacher Chris Hill, originally from Sunderland, gave up a seat on an evacuation plane to stay in Wuhan with his wife Caitlyn Gao and their daughter Renee, four.

Mark Rumble, 31, from Oxfordshire, was sent back to the UK from Thailand to face charges of a conspiracy to supply class A drugs and collapsed in prison days later.

Matt Raw (left), the first evacuee from the Chinese city of Wuhan to be pictured leaving Arrowe Park Hospital, gave photographers a thumbs up as he was let out of a gate guarded by two security guards. The 38-year-old, from Knutsford, Cheshire, shouted ‘we’re free and the sun’s shining’ as he left isolation and joked he would go home to feed his golf fish and would ‘no doubt be going out for a pint a little bit later’. Excited Brits were pictured smiling and putting their thumbs up on the first coach (right) leaving the hospital. The rest of the evacuees will be released before 3pm, with small groups being offloaded onto coaches going to all four corners of the UK.

Chinese authorities reported 254 deaths from the coronavirus on Wednesday, a daily high, and the first death in Japan makes it the third country outside China to declare a fatality.

The woman ‘self-presented’ at a hospital on Sunday and walked into a public area of the A&E (pictured) and then waited at home until Wednesday when her test results came back positive.

Two medics in full protective gowns, gloves and face masks escorted a man out of the block of flats in Paddington and loaded him into the back of an ambulance at around 9.45am this morning. One of the staff was said to have told bystanders there was ‘a confirmed case in the building’ and told everyone not to take pictures. It has sparked fears London’s first coronavirus patient may have already infected countless others in the capital after flying back from China recently. Health officials have been scrambling to trace anyone who came into contact with the woman, who became Britain’s ninth confirmed case last night.

There were 242 deaths on Thursday alone in Hubei province and authorities also found that even more people than they thought are infected.

Hospitals in Dorset, East Sussex and Hartlepool have been pictured with makeshift isolation pods in car parks or grounds outside their main buildings in case of suspected infections.

Amelia and Ruby Sampson, from Birmingham, have Rett syndrome. They’re believed to be the only Brit identical twins to be diagnosed with Rett. The girls may not make it into adulthood, as only half make it to 50 years old. Rett claimed the life of Coleen Rooney’s sister Rosie McLoughin at 14 after she battled the syndrome her whole life.

Unilever, the food giant which looks after brands like Wall’s, which makes Twister, will remove cartoons on packaging. In the UK, more than one in three children are overweight.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has advised vulnerable people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to steer clear of CBD products, which have boomed in popularity.

A study of dozens of football players by experts at Indiana University found headers cause short-term damage to the circuit linking grey matter with the eyes.

More than 2,800 patients in England waited 12 hours to be seen in January 2020 compared with 627 in January 2019. This is the highest level recorded since data collection began in 2010.

China reported its lowest number of new cases of coronavirus in two weeks on Wednesday, a sign the WHO called encouraging, but not necessarily a guarantee that the epidemic tide has turned. Despite the falling numbers of new cases, the outbreak has now struck more than 45,000 people worldwide, and killed 1,100, although all but two of those deaths have occurred in Mainland China.

Some of the more than 100 test kits the CDC shipped to labs across the US proved defective in quality control tests, returning ‘inconclusive’ results instead of positives or negatives, officials said.

One of the UK’s top doctors’ unions, the British Medical Association, has reportedly complained to the NHS and Department of Health that the helpline tells potentially contagious patients to go to a GP.

Scout leader Steve Walsh, 53, has left the isolation unit at St Thomas’ Hospital in London after picking up the disease at a Singapore gas conference last month and inadvertently spreading it on his 6,736-mile journey home to Hove via the Alps. The father-of-two gas sales executive has been reunited with his wife and two children in East Sussex, who have been in self-quarantine since he tested positive for the killer virus last week. He said today: ‘I’m happy to be home and feeling well. I want to give a big thank you to the NHS who have been great throughout and my thoughts are with everyone around the world who continues to be affected by the virus. It’s good to be back with my family’. Mr Walsh decided to reveal his identity yesterday after inadvertently putting Brighton at the centre of Britain’s coronavirus crisis after four people on his ski holiday – including at least two doctors – also tested positive. Nine schools in the Brighton area – including one attended by his two children  – have been put on lockdown after staff and pupils have been told to quarantine at home.

John Oxford, Professor of Queen Mary University, said Britons could be protected from the deadly bug by using a bit of ‘British standoffishness’.

Tests have revealed that Mark Rumble (pictured, with boxer Ricky Hatton) and another prisoner at HMP Bullingdon in Oxfordshire do not have coronavirus.

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Heather Harbottle, 49, from Hawaii, drove to hospital in December 2017 after a rough two nights with progressing hand pain and a fever. Necrotising fasciitis, which kills the skin, muscle and soft tissue, was diagnosed. It was rapidly spreading through her hand, eating away at the tendons (left), and travelling up to the armpit and heart. The vicious bug had led to life-threatening sepsis, which is when the immune system goes into overdrive and attacks the body. It caused her kidneys to fail. Ms Harbottle (pictured right in hospital) nearly-missed amputation of her arm, and when she was well enough, doctors were able to a skin graft by taking tissue from Ms Harbottle’s thigh (see inset, her hand after surgery). After 65 days in hospital, Ms Harbottle was able to return to her six-year-old daughter, AnnJolie.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s year-long investigation uncovered the ad purchases and even emails wherein a Juul employee taught someone to cheat age verification.

Surgery for appendicitis is the most common emergency operation in children. But 1,600 of 10,000 operations in UK every year are unnecessary, a study found.

Rates of skin cancer were 8.1 – 8.4 per cent among gay and bisexual men compared to 6.7 for straight men in a group of more than 45,000 Americans.

Researchers in Canada believe the newly-found corbomycin could be a ‘promising clinical candidate’ in the quest to tackle the growing issue of microbes becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Researchers at University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia found healthy people with gum disease were twice as likely to have blocked brain arteries, which can cause stroke.

In a study of 49 stroke survivors researchers at The University of Texas examined the relationship between optimism and recovery for three months after a stroke.

Researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology were the first to link SARS and bats for the first time during a study in 2004 after raiding a cave in Yunnan province (pictured left and right, during the research). They took samples of wild bat droppings and found they were carriers of hundreds of different types of coronaviruses. The virologist who led the research, Shi Zhengli, has now revealed one of the strains is almost identical to the one currently sweeping the world. She cross-referenced the genome sequence of COVID-19, as it’s now officially known, with the 2004 results and found it was a 96 per cent match to a virus found in the droppings of horseshoe bats (inset).

Dale Fisher, chair of the Global Outbreak Alert Response Network at the WHO, said he’s ‘pretty confident’ that every country in the world will report infections in the coming months.

The announcement comes after the World Health Organization yesterday named the disease that the virus causes COVID-19 at a conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

The medic treated a ‘small number’ of patients at Worthing Hospital in West Sussex (pictured left and right) on February 4 and 5 before they became unwell and ‘self-isolated’. Patients and staff are being contacted and told what precautions they should take – but the hospital continues to operate as normal today. NHS staff are at the centre of the coronavirus crisis after two GPs became infected after a ski trip with Britain’s super-spreader Steve Walsh (bottom left) in France at the end of January. The Worthing A&E doctor is the second confirmed medic to test positive for the virus – after Brighton GP Catriona Greenwood, also known by her married name Saynor, fell ill last week. Two health centres in Brighton have been shut down this week and a care home visited by Dr Greenwood has also been sealed off to prevent any spread of the virus, which has claimed more than 1,000 lives worldwide and infected 40,000. It came as a prisoner at the centre of a suspected coronavirus outbreak at a high security jail has been revealed as an alleged drug-dealer kingpin named Mark Rumble, 31, (centre right) who who was extradited back to the UK from Thailand on January 27. Two health centres in Brighton have been shut down this week and a care home visited by Dr Greenwood has also been sealed off to prevent any spread of the virus, which has claimed more than 1,000 lives worldwide and infected 40,000. Seven schools in the city have also issued coronavirus warnings to parents – including one across from County Oak Medical Centre, where Dr Greenwood works, and in some cases children are being allowed to stay home. And two schools in Eastbourne, 21 miles east of Brighton, are in the same position after a teacher went into self isolation.

Professor Gabriel Leung, chair of public health medicine in Hong Kong, said the priority now is to work out the size and scale of the epidemic. There are 43,000 cases reported so far.

China has played down the global impact. But WHO boss Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, warned: ‘A virus is more powerful in creating political, social and economic upheaval than any terrorist attack.’

Another 39 people have tested positive for the coronavirus on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan as well as one quarantine official, bringing the total to 175.

Alan Steele (pictured), who was travelling with his wife Wendy, was one of 174 people confirmed to have the virus after the Diamond Princess was quarantined off the coast of Japan.

Crates of beer (left) were today delivered to almost 100 quarantined Britons flown home from the coronavirus-hit city of Wuhan – just days after a ‘drunk’ evacuee threatened to leave. Sources claim the isolated Brits are holding staff to ‘ransom’, with one security guard alleging that the evacuees know they can threaten to leave the secure unit and ‘get whatever they want’. Yesterday it was announced that a patient staying at the Arrowe Park Hospital (right) tried to leave before completing the 14-day stay after his return from China, breaking the contract they signed before they were rescued. In response to the attempted escape, Health Secretary Matt Hancock hurried in a new law to give police officers draconian powers to seize suspected patients and force them into isolation in handcuffs. Photographs taken outside the hospital in Birkenhead today appear to show officials pulling up to the barrier outside the building with at least two crates of Budweiser beer in the boot of a car. It comes as the World Health Organization has officially named the disease caused by the killer virus, labelling it COVID-19. Figures show more than 44,000 patients have caught the infection and almost 1,020 have died.

Matt Hancock told MPs in the Commons today that health bosses were on high alert for more cases in the UK. He said there was ‘no cap’ on the money the government would spend fighting the virus.

The nurses had treated a woman at The Haven in Mill View hospital, Hove, who is thought to have recently returned from holiday in Hong Kong, according to the Brighton Argus.

The National Health Commission on Wednesday said 2,015 new cases had been reported over the last 24 hours, declining for a second day in a row.

The director-general of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, announced the virus’s name at a conference in Geneva today. It means ‘coronavirus disease 2019’.

Scout leader Steve Walsh, 53, (left) is in an isolation unit at St Thomas’ Hospital in London after picking up the disease from one of the 100 other delegates at a Singapore gas conference last month. Today, his next-door neighbour of 15 years said the father of two is ‘feeling fine’ but feels concerned about how he will be perceived. Pictured are cleaning staff at a Brighton surgery (top right); a shop worker wearing a surgical mask (bottom right); and workers in protective suits (inset, bottom).

Dr Catriona Greenwood (pictured left), who is quarantined in a hospital in London having contracted the virus, carried out one shift as a replacement ‘locum’ doctor last week at the Warmdene branch of the County Oak Medical Centre, which was closed yesterday for decontamination. It comes as health officials have launched a frantic hunt for patients and attendees of a yoga class who are feared to have caught the killer virus from a ‘super-spreader’ scout leader or two GPs he infected – one of whom is said to be Dr Greenwood, also known by her married name Saynor. MailOnline today revealed Steve Walsh, 53, was Brighton’s ‘super-spreader’ (his movements, right). He caught the disease at a Singapore conference at the end of January and then went on a skiing holiday in the French Alps, staying at a chalet in Les Contamines Montjoie, near Chamonix, owned by Dr Greenwood and her husband Bob.

Two studies of early coronavirus cases suggest that the infection disproportionately strikes men. Some experts think it simply started among male workers, while others say estrogen is protective.

A government official in Shanghai, Zeng Qun, said the virus could spread by aerosol transmission, meaning it is infectious even at quantities so small they are able to float in the air.

A group of Chinese community officers have been accused of beating stray dogs to death in broad daylight in the name of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus which has killed 1,018 people. In a video supplied to MailOnline by animal lovers, one worker can be seen repeatedly hitting a pooch with a huge wooden club. The horrifying incident took place this morning at a residential complex in the city of Nanchong in Sichuan Province, according to activists.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials confirmed the 13th case on Tuesday. It’s unclear whether the newly-diagnosed patient was among the passengers set for release today.

David Quammen, the author of an award-winning book about the SARS epidemic, draws on research by scientists, and his own detective work, to show the making of a potential pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak has now killed more 1,000 people the world over, with more than 100 of them dying Monday alone according to data form the Chinese government released Monday evening.

Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, speaking at a conference in Geneva where scientists are discussing how to stop the virus, is believed to be referring to poor countries which may be unable to contain diseases.

Violet Jones, of Crosby, Merseyside, is one of around 40 children in the UK with the rare Batten disease, which causes dementia symptoms (she is pictured left). She was diagnosed in January after her parents, Michelle and Peter Jones (right, with daughters Violet and Millie, 13), noticed she was wobbly on her feet and struggling to speak properly. Describing the Batten disease blighting Violet’s life as ‘the worst form of torture,’ Mr and Mrs Jones were told the incurable illness could kill Violet by the age of 12. Violet has gone rapidly downhill in the past few months, forgetting how to play with other children or use the toilet. For now, she recognises her family. They are now pinning all their hopes on a new treatment on the NHS which can slow the disease’s progression.

University of Copenhagen found for every 2.5inches (6.5cm) in height above the average, risk of the memory-robbing disease reduced by 10 per cent.

A study of nearly 6,000 people by the University of Missouri in Columbia found those who played at least once a month were much more likely to be alive a decade later.

Yaravirus is named after Yara, a supernatural mermaid in Brazil. It was discovered at Lake Pampulha. Over 90 per cent of Yaravirus genes have never been seen before.

Although everyone has some cognitive declines with age, researchers at the University of Michigan and Harvard University found optimists’ partners were protected by their spouse’s good habits.

Weed is suspected to impair memory, but a new study from researchers in California and the Netherlands suggests being high can lead people to believe entirely false memories, too.

Researchers tracked activity of 4,200 youngsters aged 12 to 16 in Bristol. Every hour sedentary per day aged 12 to 16 increased depression scores by 10 per cent.

Payelon Givens has a birthmark on his knee (see left) the shape of a cashew – similar to the shape of his twin sister, Patience, at their 10-week scan (see top right). Mother KisLevonia Givens, 28, was heartbroken when doctors revealed tiny Patience had died and vanished at 13 weeks pregnancy. Medics described it as ‘vanishing twin syndrome’, a phenomenon in which a foetus absorbs into their mother’s or sibling’s body. Even though she had to grieve for Patience, Ms Givens, from Shreveport, in Louisiana, finds comfort knowing Patience left her mark – on her twin brother’s leg.

A protein from the foot-and-mouth disease virus, which causes mouth blisters and a fever in animals, was developed into a drug to target pancreatic cancer by Queen Mary University.

Rebecca Wallersteiner was hurrying to the British Library when she slipped on wet leaves, falling on her hip. Her consultant orthopaedic surgeon, explained that she had fractured neck of femur.

The invention of electric light has made it far easier to stay up late and keep eating long after sunset, with potential negative consequences for our health including the heart.

Scientists who developed the drug predict some patients may need only a single treatment to end the peanut allergy altogether, while others may need a top-up jab every few months to keep it at bay.

Scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in California fed mice prebiotics from foods like asparagus and onion before analysing how they fought cancer.

Researchers in Germany measured levels of butyl paraben (BuP) in the urine of 629 mothers. Those with higher concentrations were more likely to have overweight children in their first eight years of life.

Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing (left and right with Millie Mackintosh), 31, was diagnosed with tinnitus. Tinnitus is, in fact, a symptom, not a condition – and there is always an underlying cause, explains John Phillips, a consultant ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts.

Jay Jayamohan is a consultant paediatric neurosurgeon at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. He appeared on the BBC fly-on-the-wall documentary Brain Doctors.

Kelly Owens, 30, volunteered in 2017 to be a guinea pig in a trial of a revolutionary technique that could offer a new treatment for dozens of diseases, including arthritis and asthma.

The Daily Mail’s resident doctor Martin Scurr answers your health concerns in his column. This week a reader asks why his nose is running non-stop and is there anything he can do.

When it comes to type 2 diabetes, we need to stop thinking about weight. While we associate the condition with obesity, it is really related to fat around and inside our organs, writes DR ELLIE.

Images from inside the Milton Keynes quarantine center (midden en rechts) zijn ontstaan ​​als een evacuatievlucht met meer dan 150 Britse passagiers die in Oxfordshire zijn geland nadat Britten vanuit de provincie Hubei in centraal China waren overgevlogen. De vlucht, met meer dan 200 mensen aan boord, waaronder enkele vreemdelingen, arriveerde vanmorgen kort voor 7.30 uur in RAF Brize Norton (rechtsonder). Er zijn levende voorzieningen getroffen voor de passagiers (links). Er zijn momenteel 40.650 gevallen van het virus wereldwijd en er zijn 910 doden gevallen (linksonder). P>

Negen van de 19 leden van een familie die eind januari samen een hotpot-maaltijd aten, zijn gediagnosticeerd met coronavirus, wat suggereert dat het zich snel kan verspreiden via gedeelde maaltijden. P>

Nabijheid van anderen, geen symptomen hebben of onbewust een grote hoeveelheid virus afstoten, kan iemand een ‘super-spreader’ maken, zoals de New Yorkse chef, Typhoid Mary (foto rechts). P>

De snelle verspreiding van coronavirus heeft sommige mensen in het VK ertoe aangezet maskers te dragen. Het tekort wordt echter verergerd door het feit dat China ’s werelds grootste fabrikant van sanitaire maskers is, die de helft van het aanbod produceert – maar de regering voert deze op. Drielaags chirurgisch masker (eerste bovenste rij). Komvormig masker met klepventiel (middelste bovenste rij). Rubberen filtermasker (onderaan uiterst links). Gasmasker met ingebouwde bril (helemaal bovenaan rechts). Gegoten masker met netstructuur (tweede linksonder). Lichtgewicht opvouwbaar masker (midden onderaan). Stijf stof- en nevelmasker (uiterst rechts onderaan). Linksboven afgebeeld: Tanith Carey. P>

Na 10 jaar moeten bevroren eieren worden gebruikt bij de vruchtbaarheidsbehandeling of worden vernietigd. Campagnevoerders zeggen echter dat de huidige praktijk willekeurig is en geen wetenschappelijke basis heeft P>

Britten met de type 2-vorm – die gekoppeld is aan levensstijl en obesitas – lopen 50 procent meer kans om voortijdig te overlijden dan mensen zonder de ziekte. P>

Wetenschappers geloven dat de obesitas-epidemie de schuld kan zijn van meisjes die eerder met de puberteit beginnen, omdat onderzoekers met overgewicht scheeftrekken hormonen, vonden onderzoekers van de Universiteit van Kopenhagen. P>

Amerikaanse onderzoekers beoordeelden de kracht van mannen en vrouwen bij het uitvoeren van een stootbeweging en een werpbeweging. Gevonden stoten waren zeer verschillend tussen geslachten maar gooien niet zo veel. P>

Medisch centrum County Oak (rechtsonder) in Brighton is gesloten, afgesloten en wordt vanmiddag schoongemaakt door een team in hazmat-pakken (hoofdfoto en links) ‘vanwege een dringende operationele gezondheids- en veiligheidsredenen’. Patiënten bij de chirurgie van de artsen van Brighton worden vandaag dringend opgespoord omdat vier mensen in de stad de moordenaar coronavirus uit China hebben bevestigd. Een Britse ‘super spreader’ wordt gevreesd dat hij minstens 11 mensen heeft geïnfecteerd met het coronavirus dat hij in Singapore heeft opgepikt, waardoor honderden mensen op zijn vluchten, alpineskivakantie en zelfs personeel in zijn plaatselijke pub in Hove (rechtsboven) zijn getest ). Een lid van het personeel van County Oak testte vandaag positief voor het coronavirus en een tweede gezondheidswerker is ook besmet – ze worden ervan verdacht beiden arts te zijn bij de operatie in Brighton. De NHS heeft echter geweigerd te zeggen met hoeveel patiënten ze op het werk in aanraking zijn gekomen en of ze eind januari op skivakantie waren met de superstrooier. Woedende bewoners hebben de regering en de NHS ervan beschuldigd hen in het donker te houden nadat ze weigerden de namen van de geïnfecteerde artsen vrij te geven. Dr. Catriona Saynor (boven het midden), die eigenaar is van het chalet in de Alpen waar de Britse ‘super-spreader’ twee weken geleden verbleef, was daar tot vorige zomer partner, maar werkt daar als locum, volgens de website van het medisch centrum. Haar milieu-adviseur echtgenoot Bob en hun negen jaar oude zoon zijn in quarantaine in een Frans ziekenhuis nadat ze het virus hebben blootgesteld door hun gast uit Hove – maar het is nog niet bevestigd of Dr. Saynor in Groot-Brittannië of in Frankrijk is. Er wordt gevreesd dat de medewerker van County Oak in contact is gekomen met een Britse ‘super spreader’, die naar verluidt minstens 11 anderen op een Franse skivakantie heeft besmet. P>

Virologen die de uitbraak volgen, zeggen dat de case-fatality ratio veel hoger is in Hubei dan elders in China, omdat alleen de ernstigste patiënten naar voren komen om te worden behandeld. P>

Van Amerikaanse functionarissen wordt verwacht dat ze een rapport publiceren waarin wordt vastgesteld dat meer dan 100 Amerikaanse soldaten die betrokken zijn bij de raketaanvallen van Iran op hen in Irak mogelijk slopende hersenletsel hebben opgelopen. P>

Een team van experts van de Ruhr Universiteit Bochum en de Universiteit van Greifswald in Duitsland analyseerden 22 studies naar de overleving van virussen zoals SARS en MERS. P>

Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, directeur-generaal bij de WHO, drong er bij andere landen op aan de voorbereidingen voor uitbraken ‘op te voeren’. Het volgt nieuws van een ‘super-spreader’-zakenman uit Brighton P>

Pentagon-functionarissen hebben donderdag nog 11 quarantaines aangekondigd in de buurt van luchthavens waar Amerikanen terugkeren uit China worden omgeleid, onder meer bij Georgia’s Dobbins ARB (linksonder), Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Texas (rechtsonder) en Naval Base Kitsap ( rechtsboven). Er zijn al twee quarantaines opgezet in Californië, waaronder één op Travis Air Force Base (linksboven) voor evacués die vorige week vanuit Wuhan binnenkomen (midden). Ziekenhuisbestuurders zetten zich schrap met plannen en maatregelen voor ‘piekcapaciteit’ om gezichtsmaskers en andere beschermingsmiddelen te behouden. P>

De test wordt uitgerold naar 12 laboratoria in het VK. Tot dusverre zijn 620 tests uitgevoerd op Britse burgers. Drie waren positief en experts hebben het Verenigd Koninkrijk gewaarschuwd zich te schikken voor meer zaken. P>

De aankondiging door Matt Hancock geeft de regering meer bevoegdheden om de verspreiding van het virus te bestrijden, met vier gevallen die nu in het VK zijn bevestigd. P>

Phoebe Ellis, 22, werd ‘getraumatiseerd’ achtergelaten door haar twee extra borsten onder haar oksels, die voor het eerst verscheen toen ze 12 was (zie links en inzet). Het duurde tien jaar voordat mevrouw Ellis, uit Hitchin, Hertfordshire (zie rechts), eindelijk een diagnose van aanvullend axillair borstweefsel kreeg van een privéarts. De aandoening zorgt ervoor dat borstweefsel elders groeit, soms met tepels. Mevrouw Ellis beweert meerdere keren te zijn weggestuurd voor hulp door de NHS, ondanks het afbreken voor haar huisarts. Ze kreeg te horen dat haar probleem ‘cosmetisch’ was en daarom niet in aanmerking kwam voor een operatie, waardoor Ellis gefrustreerd achterbleef omdat sommige vrouwen gratis borstverkleining kregen aangeboden. P>

De therapie levert gedurende 20 minuten tot 2.400 pulsen aan de schacht van de penis. Zes sessies gaven significant betere resultaten dan een standaard impotentiepil alleen, vonden Italiaanse onderzoekers. P>

Vrouwen met genetisch hoger testosteron hebben een verhoogd risico op het ontwikkelen van diabetes type 2, maar mannen hebben een 14 procent lager risico, zo bleek uit het Cambridge-onderzoek. P>

Ashley, nu 59, vertelde de BBC dat mensen denken dat ze veilig zijn om onbeschermde seks te hebben boven de leeftijd van 50. Zes van de tien 50-plussers met de diagnose HIV in 2018 werden in een laat stadium verteld, laten Britse cijfers zien. P>

Door het detecteren van de abnormale cellen in de eileiders, kon eierstokkanker eerder worden gediagnosticeerd. Momenteel leeft iets meer dan een derde van de Engelse patiënten vijf jaar na de diagnose van de ‘stille moordenaar’. P>

Shaurya Undre amputeerde zijn linkerhand in een pijnlijk ongeluk, maar het grootste deel van het bot bleef (zie links, een röntgenfoto). Hij werd met spoed naar het ziekenhuis gebracht in de buurt van zijn huis in Manjri, India, waar chirurgen elke zenuw en bloedvat onder een microscoop terug op hun plaats hechtten tijdens een nauwgezette zes uur durende operatie. Foto’s tonen Shaurya glimlachend na de procedure (zie rechts) en sindsdien kan hij met zijn vingers wiebelen, meldt de lokale media. P>

Het dodental op het Chinese vasteland steeg zondag met 97, waardoor het aantal dodelijke slachtoffers wereldwijd op 910 kwam. P>

Het echtpaar was het eerste geval van overdracht van mens op mens in de VS. Na behandeling in St Alexius Medisch Centrum Amita in Chicago zijn ze thuis ontslagen naar zelfisolatie. P>

Een orthopedisch chirurg in opleiding, dr. Joshua Wolrich, die in Zuid-Londen werkt, zou £ 4.000 hebben betaald om zijn 244.000 Instagram-volgers aan te moedigen rood vlees te eten, zonder de gezondheidsrichtlijnen van NHS te vermelden. Alex George, een NHS junior arts in spoedeisende geneeskunde, verscheen in 2018 op Love Island en hij heeft meer dan een miljoen Instagram-volgers verzameld. Hij is betaald om een ​​merk zonnebrandcrème, Amazon’s Alexa en BMW sportwagens onder zijn fans te promoten. Dr. Hazel Wallace, die zichzelf omschrijft als een ‘voedingsdeskundige’ binnen de NHS, heeft reclame gemaakt voor Nike sportkleding, Alpro-ijs en trendy kokoswater, terwijl diëtiste Dr. Megan Rossi, bekend als ‘The Gut Health Doctor’, haar sociale media feeds om haar eigen merk van £ 3,50 per doos ontbijtgranen te verkopen en Ryvita-crackers te promoten bij haar 168.000 volgers. P>

Jessica Donald, uit Birmingham, dacht dat ze na een screening op baarmoederhalskanker bij haar huisarts helemaal veilig zou zijn – alleen om te horen dat ze positief was getest op humaan papillomavirus. (Afgebeeld, stockafbeelding.) P>

Iets meer dan een huisarts op de tien bevindt zich nu in een permanente, fulltime positie, onthullen statistieken die zijn opgesteld door de General Medical Council (GMC) (stockbeeld). P>

Het baanbrekende apparaat, kleiner dan een rijstkorrel, fungeert als een marker en helpt artsen om knobbels in de borst te maken die anders niet kunnen worden gevoeld of gezien. Op dit moment hebben vrouwen die een operatie voor borstkanker nodig hebben tot 25 procent kans op een vervolgoperatie. Dit is nodig als delen van de tumor de eerste keer worden gemist. Maar slechts zes procent van de patiënten die het Magseed-implantaat krijgen, heeft een tweede procedure nodig, omdat dit de nauwkeurigheid tijdens de eerste operatie helpt verbeteren. De techniek is ingesteld om de traditionele methode te vervangen die sinds de jaren 1970 wordt gebruikt, waarbij een staaldraad wordt ingebracht die op de ochtend van de operatie aan de tumor ‘haakt’. (Bestandsafbeelding rechts van een vrouw met een mammogram.) P>

Voedingsmiddelen gemaakt met de smurrie die bovenop stilstaand water ligt – en ooit voornamelijk in commercieel visvoer werd gevonden – hebben hogere eiwitgehalten dan producten zoals kip, rundvlees en vis. P>

Prinses Michael van Kent, de vrouw van neef Prins Michael van de koningin, verscheen onlangs in een gelikte promotievideo voor een kliniek in de Bahama’s die controversiële gewrichtstherapie biedt. P> Div> Div>

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