Graffiti gespoten op een weg buiten het huis van een Aziatische familie n verwijzing naar de coronaviruscrisis

Graffiti gespoten op een weg buiten het huis van een Aziatische familie n verwijzing naar de coronaviruscrisis

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The bitter social impact of the coronavirus crisis has been highlighted by racist graffiti on his street.

Daniel Palmer, a designer and developer, shared images of the graffiti that read ‘death to dog eaters’ on his street in Epping – a suburb with a large Asian population in Sydney’s northwest.

‘Week 2 of isolation: This s*** on my road in front of an Asian household in f***ing Epping,’ he captioned the images.

Daniel Palmer, a designer and developer, shared the images of the graffiti that read ‘death to dog eaters’ on his street in Epping, 18km north-west of Sydney’s CBD, on Monday

Areas such as Epping, Ryde and Macquarie Park were the initial hot spots of Sydney’s coronavirus outbreak, although the epicentre had since moved to the beachside suburbs in the east.

Mr Palmer said it was unclear whether the graffiti was specifically targeting the family who live in the house beside that piece of road, or whether it was a message aimed at the larger Asian community.

Mr Palmer, who is also of Asian heritage, said such hostility was always ‘lurking beneath the surface’. 

‘I usually find it hard to explain to my mates why somebody as utterly whitewashed as myself has crippling insecurity and anxiety around racism, even though I’ve never been bullied for being Asian,’ he tweeted on Monday. 

‘S*** like this lurks beneath the surface in society, and you usually only notice it if you’re ethnic when it creeps out in small bite-sized chunks.’

Mr Palmer said it was rare that racism was so overt as this example. 

Mr Palmer said as someone of Asian heritage racism like this is always ‘lurking beneath the surface’

‘But its existence is absolutely no surprise,’ he said.

Mr Palmer said the graffiti was reported and a local resident had painted over it in black, though the message was still visible.

A New South Wales Police spokesperson said: ‘Police have received reports of malicious damage in Epping.

‘Officers from Ryde Police Area Command have commenced an investigation and urge anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.’

The racist outburst came in the same week as an attack on Sophie Do, 23, and her sister Rosa, 19, who were allegedly called ‘Asian dogs’ and a ‘dumb wh***’ as they crossed a street in Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west. 

A local has since tried their best to remove the horrifying and racist vandalism by painting over it in black

Sisters ‘who were called Asian dogs with coronavirus’ relive their terrifying ordeal – as girl, 17, is accused of SPITTING at them during racist tirade

A teenage girl has been charged after she allegedly spat at and racially abused two women in Sydney’s inner west.

Shocking footage obtained by Daily Mail Australia on Monday afternoon and shot in Marrickville showed two women copping a torrent of racist abuse before one of them was spat at.

Sophie Do, 23, and her sister Rosa, 19, were allegedly called ‘Asian dogs’ and a ‘dumb wh***’ as they crossed the street.

In a reference to the coronavirus outbreak and its origin in a food market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the siblings were told they ‘brought corona here’. 

The argument broke out in the streets of Marrickville, in Sydney’s inner west, at around 3pm on Monday, with a woman in grey (pictured) racially abusing two sisters

A woman in grey was captured on footage screaming: ‘I’ve got a knife in my bag… you little Asian dog.’ 

‘Asian b**ch. You brought corona here. Eat a bat again you dumb wh***.’

Police will allege that the two women were approached by a 17-year-old girl and verbally abused with racial slurs while crossing Petersham Road at Illawarra Road at around 3pm on Monday.  

Officers said the teenager allegedly attempted to kick one of the young women, before a bystander intervened and told her to leave.

As she walked away, the teenager allegedly spat towards the younger woman – hitting her in the eye – before leaving the scene, police said.

Sophie (pictured, left, with sister Rosa) said no one should be able to get away with racial attacks, which have ramped up in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic

‘She had pretty good aim, it hit my eye,’ Rosa told Nine News.

‘Straight in my left eye. It got in my hair, my cheek, everything. I was flabbergasted.’

Her sister added: ‘It was horrifying. I really, really wanted to retaliate. 

‘I really wanted to hit back, it took everything in me not to.’ 

The 19-year-old was helped by witnesses to flush her eye out and seek medical assistance. 

Police arrested a 17-year-old woman on Tuesday afternoon and charged her with three counts of common assault, use offensive language in/near public place, and two counts of attempt stalk/intimidate intend fear of harm.

The teenager was granted conditional bail to appear before a Children’s Court on May 1.

Video captured by the sisters and shocked onlookers shows the woman (pictured, in grey) allegedly scream at the young women

The woman in grey (pictured, centre) was captured on the footage screaming: ‘I’ve got a knife in my bag you little Asian dog’

Police spoke with a second teenage girl who was released without charge.

Speaking on Tuesday, NSW police commissioner Mick Fuller said the incident was a ‘disgrace’.

‘We’re arresting and charging people for spitting and coughing on people every day,’ he told reporters.

‘It’s a disgrace, putting aside the racial slur. We will take action.

‘Maybe it’s a $5,000 fine that’ll sharpen people up on this.’ 

The sisters said the ordeal was terrifying.    

Sophie (pictured, left with her sister Rosa) said hate crimes against Asian people had increased since the coronavirus pandemic began

Sophie (pictured, left) and Rosa (right) said they were not going to tolerate racist attacks

‘Two girls walked passed us yelling racist things like ”stay away from them, they’ve got coronavirus”,’ Rosa told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘I simply could not tolerate it so I yelled back and said ”Excuse me? What did you just say? Say it again”,’ Rosa said. 

The 19-year-old university student said the two women continued to taunt her and her sister. 

‘Get out of here now, who do you think you’re talking to,’ the woman allegedly screamed while shaping up to the sisters. 

Rosa said the young women started walking away before coming back to abuse them again.

‘You brought corona here. Eat a bat again you dumb wh***,’ a woman (pictured) was heard screaming while walking away 

Sophie Do (left) and her sister Rosa (right) were crossing the road in Marrickville when they were targeted by a racist woman who accused them of bringing coronavirus to Australia

‘She was untying her jumper from her waist and putting her bag on the ground, ready to fight me,’ Rosa said.

A woman was then seen trying to kick Rosa’s back, but Sophie quickly managed to pull her away.      

Sophie said no one should be able to get away with racial attacks, which have ramped up in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Hate crimes against Asians have increased and I’ve seen disgusting videos from all around the world. I never thought I’d be in one,’ Sophie said.

‘It made me feel afraid for my sisters’ safety. I knew that if I retaliated, it would’ve ended badly for us both.

Sophie Do (pictured, left) and her sister Rosa (right) had condemned the alleged attack, saying it is an example of the racist abuse Asian people are suffering amid the coronavirus outbreak

‘So I kept my cool. I knew I took the best approach to ensure we got out of the situation safely.

‘It made angry but mostly disappointed that we even had to hear some of the things she was saying and then be physically assaulted.’

Videos of the incident have since gone viral, with thousands of Australians condemning the the racist act.

‘All the racists have something to do with failure in life,’ one person wrote.

‘That girl in grey ought to be ashamed of herself and her actions,’ said another. 

‘I am so so sorry that you and your sister had to deal with this kind of disgusting inexcusable behaviour,’ another person commented.  

Racial attacks in Australia amid the coronavirus pandemic  

South Korean woman, 27, is brutally bashed by racist thugs who demanded to know if she’d self-isolated for two weeks  

The woman was viciously attacked by a group of six people after they demanded how long she had been in the country.

The woman, 27, was left with scratches above her eyes and on her cheek following the attack after 10.45pm on Friday March 20. 

She has been living in Australia on a working holiday visa for a year and was visiting Bundaberg when a group of youths accused her of bringing coronavirus to Australia, according to News Mail.

‘We realised they were being abusive about coronavirus,’ she said.

The woman said she tried to ignore the verbal spray.

The woman has been living in Australia on a working holiday visa for a year and was visiting Bundaberg when a group of youths accused her of bringing coronavirus to Australia

However then one of the youths grabbed her hair and shoved her to the ground.

She said she quickly tried to get up but was pushed down again. Extremely frightened, she then threatened to call the police.

This only aggravated the teenagers more and they began to swear at her and her friend.

She tried to defend herself – but the group began to beat her with their fists. 

The woman then desperately tried to call Triple Zero as her hair was pulled and she was kicked in the face.

‘She said ‘go back to your country’ and she kicked me more than ten times,’ she said about one of the attackers.

Passersby then saved the pair – but they were also verbally assaulted before the group left the scene.

Racist mother calls masked commuters ‘disease-infected dogs’ during vile rant on a Melbourne train 

On March 27, a mother screamed racist abuse at commuters wearing masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus on a Melbourne train.

A bystander filmed the vile moment the woman yelled at two men to ‘go back to your own country’ as her young daughter begged for her to stop.

‘F*** your face mask, you disease carrying motherf***er,’ she yelled. 

The video, which has been shared on Reddit, begins with the woman yelling at two young men.

Passengers can be seen walking away, asking: ‘How do you get security?’

The woman then screams ‘go back to your own country’.

‘F*** off to your own country you disease-infected dogs….Australia is my country. I was born and bred. Where are you from? Where are you from?’

A mother screamed racist abuse at commuters wearing masks, calling them ‘disease carriers’

One of the men replies, telling her he is from ‘this country’.

She then continues to tell him he is not Australian.

‘Are you born and bred? Are you a f***ing Abo? You get the f*** out of my country.’

Her daughter can be heard crying, pleading for her to stop.

‘Are you as Aussie as me?’ the woman asks. ‘F** your face mask you disease carrying motherf***er.’

Passengers can be heard telling the woman to stop. One can be heard on the phone to police.

Others on the train can be heard telling the passengers to ‘rise above it, it’s not worth it’.

When security board the train the woman yells: ‘This c*** is trying to go me.’

The entire train then yells ‘no’ in unison. 

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