Help je hond vuurwerkangst te bestrijden op vier juli met deze 8 kalmerende producten

Help je hond vuurwerkangst te bestrijden op vier juli met deze 8 kalmerende producten

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July 4th is coming up and it could be a scary time for dogs who are afraid of fireworks. Keep your pet from freaking out or running away with these calming products.

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    Weighted Dog Anti Anxiety Blanket

    or the same reason a heavy blanket feels soothing to you, it can also feel relaxing for your dog. Kind of like getting a big hug when you’re scared. 79.98$ on Amazon

  • Contains pheromone technology, scientifically proven to modify stress-related behavior. 15$ on Amazon

  • Protect your pup’s ears from loud and frightening fireworks but putting on earmuffs made just for them. Mutt Muffs Hearing Protection for Dogs, $59.99;

  • These treats contain CBD, the calming property of hemp. There is no THC in these all-natural, human grade treats. Meaning there is nothing in here that will make your dog high, just less anxious, which is what you really want anyway.  $27.00-$77.00 on Bark Shop

  • This jacket is a go-to for owners of anxious pooches. The pressure applied by the tight jacket helps swaddle and calm canines during stressful moments, like a fireworks show. ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket, $44.95 on Chewy

  • Like a ThunderShirt, the pressure from this product can help calm your pet. The Shed Defender has the bonus perk of keeping dog hair off your furniture, clothes and car. Shed Defender Dog Onesie, $39.99;

  • If your dog is outside during a fireworks show, gets spooked and runs off, you can make finding them again easy by equipping your pet with a GPS collar before July 4. 64$ on Amazon

  • This product is made up of a blend of homeopathic ingredients designed to fight pet anxiety caused by fireworks. HomeoPet Anxiety Fireworks Drops, $17.49; Homeo pet

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