Hoe CBD olie online te kopen

Hoe CBD olie online te kopen

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If you navigate the net, you can easily discover some of the largest online stores selling CBD products, but you have to be careful if you want to purchase those online. Only retailers online, with approved brands, should be trusted.

With the changes in laws at the European level, it is now easy to find excellent platforms for selling cannabis online. So, you will find the best CBD oils, high-quality flowers, and JustBob seeds, one of the best European sites, which offers a wide selection of certified products, and a high-end home delivery system.

With this article, you will find many products in different dosages: CBD oil, cream, and ointment, e-liquid and e-cigarettes,  capsules, resins,  infusions, isolate crystals, dried flowers, a whole -based diet, animal products, terpenes, and much more. These are the products and information that only the best suppliers will deliver to you.

The oil is a product to discover, it is an excellent complement for the body, and it is natural… so let’s start!

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Choose a brand of oil of the highest quality possible

The most important parameter when choosing a CBD oil should always be the quality. Selecting a reputable and reliable brand is key. Suppliers must proceed to many quality controls, offer a large number of references and products, be recognized as a legit company in its country, and it should know the rules and legislation about cannabis.

It is also important to be wary of the products sold by the percentage of CBD and gives the fact that the suppliers provide little information about its products.

To meet these many quality criteria, we have chosen to offer you for sale oils of outstanding quality and recognized brands and suppliers such as JustBob. This brand is very qualitative, with excellent value for money, and most importantly, they are tested by external laboratories and are 100% legal and with the right legal THC levels.

How to choose the concentration and dosage of oil?

We remind you that the legislation does not authorize us to advise you on the therapeutic or medical use of cannabidiol. We invite you to consult your doctor about this, especially to check with him the absence of contraindications with your health and the possible interactions of this cannabinoid with certain drugs.

More concentrated versions allow you to use fewer drops to get the same amount of CBD. A 5% oil will often be used more as background treatment, a 20% oil for pathology or significant pain, for example.

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Crystals: 99% isolate

There are also some products combining CBD with other active ingredients. Thes mix contains melatonin (sleep hormone) or 5% oil enriched with turmeric, a spice known primarily for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The dosage of CBD is difficult to estimate accurately, because it varies greatly from one person to another, especially according to its weight and needs.

A general rule, however, is to start with 0.5 mg of CBD per kg of body weight per day, divided into three doses (morning, noon and evening), which gives, for example:
• for a person of 50 Kg = 25 mg of per day (3 X 8 mg)
• for a person of 80 Kg = 40 mg of per day (3 X 13 mg)

This initial dosage can then be gradually increased to find the effective dose, which is often between 50 and 100 mg per day. If dosages higher than 150 or 200 mg per day do not give you any results, we can assume that it is not useful to you.

To convert the mg into drops , it is sufficient to know the concentration of the oil used, and to consider that one ml of oil contains about 20 drops , which gives:

• oil with 4% CBD: 1 drop = 2 mg CBD
• oil with 5%: 1 drop = 2.5 mg
• oil with 10%: 1 drop = 5 mg
• oil with 20%: 1 drop = 10 mg of
• oil with 24%: 1 drop = 12 mg
• oil with 8% CBG and 5.5% CBD: 1 drop = 4 mg 2.75 mg

How to use CBD oil?

The most effective method for consuming is to put it under the tongue and wait a few tens of seconds before swallowing. In this way, a large part of the CBD is assimilated by the sublingual route, which allows it to act in a few minutes. For example, you can add drops of oil to a square of sugar to facilitate this step.

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Sublingual use

It is also possible to use the oil by classic coral ingestion, for example, by adding it directly into the food. It is then necessary to know that by going through the digestive tract, the action of the CBD will be delayed by 30 to 60 minutes and that the assimilation is less effective than by the sublingual way, that is to say, that will require more CBD to achieve an equivalent effect.

Use it for pets such as dogs or cats?

It is, of course, possible to bring CBD to your dog or cat. We advise you to use such products for animals, specially designed to be administered quickly to your pet.

What are the alternatives?

CBD is also available as capsules, for those who want faster and easier dosing than the oil. Those looking for a highly concentrated product can also choose the paste.

As another alternative, the 90% isolate infused with terpenes represents a fascinating novelty, which can be used under the tongue but also in many other ways, for example, with a vaporizer. E-cigarette users can also choose the CBD e-liquid option, thus efficiently controlling the dosage that suits them best.

Source: Extraction Magazine

There is also the possibility of using CBD in the form of herbal teas or infusions, although these require the use of a fatty substance (whole milk …), and that they do not allow precise control.  It can also be used on the sublingual route and are an excellent alternative for those looking for lower doses.

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