Hometown Hemp: een lokaal bedrijf dat anderen helpt tijdens de pandemie – WYMT

Hometown Hemp: een lokaal bedrijf dat anderen helpt tijdens de pandemie – WYMT

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT)- When the coronavirus pandemic hit, many local businesses began to suffer, but one of them in Laurel County, Hometown Hemp, felt those effects long before.

“A lot of the local farmers were contracted with different places and we were trying to get our products from them. Since then the farmers have had a really bad year in 2019,″ said one owner, Tracy Fischer.

Making supply and demand an important part of their business, a problem before the virus took its toll.

“Trying to work with them more directly and help them find other buyers and get their oils processed strictly for us.”

Not stopping them from doing what they do best – help people.

“It has been a huge help for people that struggle with depression and anxiety we’ve had 80 people that are completely come off of their depression and anxiety medication,” said Fischer.

When most people hear the word hemp, they think of marijuana.

“People think that hemp is marijuana and they are afraid it will make them high and it will not. Marijuana that gives you that high affect there is trace mounts in our oils but is very minor, it is 0.3% or less,” said Fischer.

The hemp plant is extracted to make a product called CBD, which is proven to help in multiple ways.

“It helps so much with inflammation pain; knees, elbows, shoulders, that’s a big one,” said Fischer.

Coming in different forms, for all ages.

“Gummies and sugar scrubs, bath dust, lotion, coffee. You know we have a little bit of everything,” she said.

A little bit of everything that was not getting sold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were able to stay open, but we had to switch to curbside pickup only which was very hard for us because we do a lot of talking and educating people when they come in. We are based on educating people on the product because there is so much confusion. We weren’t getting any new people, people that stop by just to get lotion and bath dusts and bath bombs. We kept our regulars, the people who depend on it each month and they have to come in each month and get their product. We were basically here to be sure that those people kept their supply coming in,” said Fischer.

Taking matters into their own hands, literally. Not for a profit but to help others during this difficult time. They used their lotion base to make a hand sanitizer.

“We put a hemp seed oil in which really helped keep people’s hands from cracking and peeling, especially nurses.”

With every purchase from a customer, they would put a bottle aside to donate.

”I donated to nursing homes, to the hospitals, to the London City Police,” said Fischer.

Spreading the word that CBD is not bad, but helpful.

“We’re going through corona and that has upped people’s anxiety, so CBD has kind of been a saving grace for everybody right now,” she said.

Even our furry friends… ”Before they take their dogs to the groomer or the vet.”

Your skin … “Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, adult acne.”

How about even in a drink? ”It just helps you kind of more to relax and not get jittery from your coffee.”

Coffee is not the only drink you can add it too, just take a trip over to Sacred Grounds.

“You can add it to your smoothie, you can add it to a mocha, you can add it to whatever you like but they’ve done really well with that,” said Fischer.

Partnering with another local business to help during these difficult times, helping business booming once again.

“People love the CBD in their drink it helps with anxiety and helps them feel better and they just really enjoy it,” said Cassidy Reed, an employee at Sacred Grounds.

So the next time you need to ‘chill out’, it’s something you’ll reconsider.

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