Ontspan deze Memorial Day met CBD in de uitverkoop van Charlotte’s web

Ontspan deze Memorial Day met CBD in de uitverkoop van Charlotte’s web

mei 23, 2020 0 Door admin


If you’re not on the CBD train already, it seems like now is probably a great time to hop on. Not only are we all stressed out, Charlotte’s Web seems to know it. This Memorial Day Weekend, they are offering 30% off select CBD items, so you can have a nice, relaxing long weekend. All you have to do is pick out an item and enter SUNSHINE30 at checkout. To help you pick the perfect product, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. 

CBD Gummies: Recovery: Looking for some gummies? These ginger flavored chews are dosed at 10mg a gummy, and help relieve exercise-induced inflammation. Made with ginger, turmeric, and whole plant extract CBD, they’ll support joint health and joint strength so you can stay active. 

CBD Oil Liquid Capsules: All you have to do is swallow one of these pills coated in organic extra virgin olive oil. This is a great option for managing everyday stress, and supporting a sense of calm for focus. 

CBD Oil: Every 1 mL is just 7mg of CBD, so you can take a little bit at a time. You’ll still get all of the positive benefits from it, but with more control over how much you’re taking.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for Dogs: Don’t forget about your dog. CBD will help your dog with hip and joint pain they might be experiencing, and might chill them out, too, if they’re a little overstimulated with you being around all the time. 

More CBD Sales:

SunSoil: Looking to subscribe so you can get CBD again and again? All introductory subscription orders receive an additional 20% off the everyday 20% discount

CBDistillery: Take 30% off orders of $250 or more. Just be sure to use the promo code BEAST30 at checkout. 

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