Phish-fans zoeken naar plaatsen om te verblijven dankzij pestgeïnfecteerde prairiehonden die concertcampings binnenvallen

Phish-fans zoeken naar plaatsen om te verblijven dankzij pestgeïnfecteerde prairiehonden die concertcampings binnenvallen

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This Labor Day weekend, Phish is scheduled to play a trio of shows in Colorado and thousands of fans will flock to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, where many of them will make a temporary home for themselves during the run.

Anyone who’s been to a Phish concert (or most concerts for that matter) knows that half of the fun is pregaming in the lot ahead of the show and taking part in various recreational activities while consuming various recreational drugs.

However, fans suffered a bit of a setback on Tuesday when the band announced organizers had encountered some unforeseen (and unfortunate) circumstances in the form of…plague-infected prairie dogs?

Earlier this month, the Colorado Rapids ran into a similar issue and it appears officials are still combating the problem, as Phish fans will only be permitted to post up on asphalt due to the concern the prairie dogs could wander onto unpaved and grass lots.

The band will be refunding all camping tickets and is scrambling to figure out a way to provide alternative lodging for people who were planning on pitching a tent or sleeping in an RV. It will also be providing shuttles from offsite lots to accommodate people who were planning on parking closer to the venue.

It’s worth noting this isn’t the first time a Phish concert has been impacted by the plague (which is something I never thought I’d write) as there was an outbreak during a Broomfield show back in 2010.

Phish played through the plague in CO back in 2010. Of course, back then no one was attempting to camp in the immediate area. 😬

— Phish Dick’s Referee (@PhishDicksRef) August 2, 2019

Phish fans had some pretty entertaining reactions to the news.

They thought the plague could stop us? Phish could announce Festival Chernobyl tomorrow and the only things we’d be concerned about would be who was hoarding tickets and who was selling them for over face value.

— Stanley Roper (@StanleyRoper14) August 21, 2019

Someone gonna catch plague at Dicks and hella CO bros gonna tell them CBD will fix it

— synthphunk (@synthphunk) August 21, 2019

What if Phish fans get the plague and it becomes widespread panic???

— Aimee Giese (@Greeblehaus) August 20, 2019


5. Golgi Apparatus
4. The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony
3. Guelah Papyrus
2. Weekapaug Groove
1. Bitten by a Plague Infested Prairie Dog in the Parking Lot on Labor Day Won’t Someone Please Please Please Help Me

— Max Abelson (@maxabelson) August 20, 2019

No west coast Phish tour. Fine.

Possible bubonic plague. Fine.

No Shakedown. Unacceptable.

— #ophishaltweets (@officialphish) August 20, 2019

Stay safe out there, Phans.

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