Voordelen van CBD voor huisdieren

Voordelen van CBD voor huisdieren

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BENEFITS OF CBD FOR PETS CBD interacts with ECS in animals, in the same way it does in humans. CBD pet products are gaining popularity owing to the amazing benefits it has for the pets. And here, we have written a few of its benefits for animals: 1) CBD helps reduce pet anxiety Like humans, even pets experience anxiety, especially when they are alone or away from their human parents. CBD is great for heightened stress levels in pets as it calms your four legged friend. CBD prevents cancer cells from growing (2 There have been cases where the cancer suffering pets were administered CBD and within like 3 months, there were freed of the cancer cells for forever. 3) CBD relieves pain Pets feel pain and much like humans, CBD has proved to relieve discomforted pets from their pain. CBD is great for seizure 4 For pets like dogs who suffer from seizures caused due to epilepsy or other genetic disorders, CBD has shown great results. 5) CBD treats loss of appetite As per the National Cancer Institute, CBD increases appetite in humans and animals alike. So, it can be administered to pets for boosting their appetite and reducing nausea 220 East Wisconsin Ave BULLFROG Readstown, WI 54652 NATURALS 608-629-5398 9 bullfrogsupport@bullfrogcbd.com

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