Vrijdag Faves

Vrijdag Faves

juli 24, 2020 0 Door admin


Hey hey and happy Friday.

I remember a time when my calendar was filled with appointments, game days, work trips, vacations, and get togethers with friends and family. Ticking off the days ’til the next bbq or weekend trip gave the week it’s structure. I knew which days I needed to buckle down and get work done, and those I could schedule free time for mani pedis or shopping sprees with my girl.

With a full calendar that took on a life as a living organism and was constantly evolving, my week seemed to flow at a predictable pace, even when time seemed to fly by. My how things have changed. Now, the monotony has taken over. These days, because there are so few interruptions to the day’s structure, life during this weird time seems to both crawl and speed by. Each week I’m startled to see it’s already time to create the week’s list of Friday Faves, but with hardly anything new from my life to report about the same old, same old. It feels like things are just going on, going on…

As we are all experiencing together, this year’s free and easy, lazy summer days have been anything but. Summer fun and traditions are far and few between, with the chance for typical summer vacations, nighttime baseball games with fireworks, and days spent at the pool quickly dimming from our looking forward to summer view. I mean, who else is craving watching a summer blockbuster with a tub of popcorn in a cool, dark movie theater during a hot summer day?

But those gloriously carefree days will be back. I feel it in my bones. Patience my friend, that’s what we all need now—and masks! WEAR YOUR MASKS and wash your hands! Because If we all do our part, the good old days will be back, and hopefully better than ever.

But enough of all that. Let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves.


Place in the category of things you didn’t know you missed but you do: “God, I miss eavesdropping.” 100%!!!

5 stories of social distancing and self-care during this weird time.

How to keep kids learning even when schools are closed.

NY passes a bill that benefits all our four legged friends.

I’ve been wondering about this: How to safely shop your favorite farmers market.

Mac and cheese, chicken sandwiches, french fries…here’s what U.S. cities have been craving for delivery.

These grilled skewers are everything right about summer.

These rainbow veggie bowls make a quick and healthy lunch or light din din.

FIZZZZZ this! A new way to spritzer.

This chicken and pesto pasta is easy breezy.

What a sweet take on tiramisu. Yummers.

This summer shrimp risotto is a one pot feast.

Got peaches? Get jam!

Such a great twist on coleslaw.

I could eat this ramen any time of year.

Air fryer recipe alert: falling for falafel.

Getting sweet & cheesy with it:

I should really try making these from scratch.

This chicken and rice dinner is showing off shades of fall flavors.

My husband would LOVE this drink—with a splash of booze of course.

How to give CBD oil to your picky dogs and cats.

I take a bath…5 soothing rituals to add to your nighttime routine.

The top 10 white sneakers selling online now.


I think I want these.

Another perfect summer hat. 

Peace, love, and this breezy sundress.

Get the right fit: How to measure your bra size at home.

I’m here for it: The case for PRO-aging.

I am covered in mosquito bites, and itching incessantly, so I’m following this advice religiously.

And this lotion has been helping with my itchiness. Very creamy too.

Although, this is my favorite, 5-star, daily body moisturizer.

For the birds: 10 DIY bird feeders.

Do you really want to go there?: 9 best sex positions for the car. 

How to get comfortable with those awkward silences.

What the most pinned home tours on Pinterest have in common.

These Airbnbs make me almost want to move to the desert. Gorg.

Make the drive:

Travel and Leisure names the World’s Best islands, hotels, cities, airports and more.

This might be the most fun, or most annoying, app to download to your phone.

25 best movies of 2020 (so far) you can watch now.

How to find spontaneity in your daily routines. Let’s shake it up!!!!!

Okay, that’s it for this week. Have a fun, and not boring weekend!! Be safe!

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