Waarom is mijn hond bang voor mij en hoe los ik hem op?

Waarom is mijn hond bang voor mij en hoe los ik hem op?

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Recently I asked a question about working with my daughter to be more chill around the dog, a 2 year old Boston Terrier. Now I have a new weird dog problem, and it seems to be….me?

Previously, our bedtime routine was that I’d let the dog out, and then he’d happily run upstairs with me, where I’d pick him up and put him in bed with me to sleep. One night after I set him down on the bed he randomly turned and ran like heck downstairs and hid in his crate. I coaxed him out and brought him back up, where he did the same thing. I finally got him to sleep that night in his upstairs crate (also in my bedroom). This has continued with variations on a theme: sometimes he hides in the downstairs crate after going potty and won’t come out. Sometimes he stays in the crate after dinner and won’t come out all night. Sometimes I carry him up to bed and he’ll sleep in the upstairs crate, but will want to come into bed with me in the middle of the night. I have tried leaving him be, or having my dad bring him up later in the night along with the other two dogs in the house , or carrying him up but immediately putting him in the upstairs crate. Nothing seems to make a huge difference in his comfort level. He shakes like a leaf once we hit the stairs no matter what.

He has been varying during the day from normal to standoffish, but is kind of standoffish more often than he is happy to see me. We’ve noticed he comes upstairs less than normal. He is eating and drinking normally and is otherwise fine with everyone in the house. Nobody can think of anything out of the ordinary that may have scared him, with one exception. My mom had been using a very large very loud fan in her room, and he’s definitely scared of that…but he’s not scared of her as a result and it seems like a stretch to think that’s related to whatever’s going on with me. It’s been about 2 weeks and frankly I’m really sad. How can I work on this with him?

Treats? CBD products? Diffusers? Something else?

He is scheduled for a vet check on the 22nd, should I try to get him in sooner?

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