Wanneer weten we dat het tijd is om onze hond te laten inslapen?

Wanneer weten we dat het tijd is om onze hond te laten inslapen?

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Title says it all – putting some upsetting details below the fold.

Our dog is a sweet loving 13 year old Italian Greyhound.

The health conditions: SARDS last September, went blind over about 2 days. Extreme myotonia of both back legs, and extreme joint laxity on both back ankles. Moderate and worsening dementia. Tested to hell and back for Cushing’s due to symptoms but unable to confirm / disconfirm. He’s on daily medications for liver, joints, hormones, melatonin, along with CBD chews.

The behavioral patterns: Sleeps most of the day, food-seeking behavior whenever he’s awake. Can no longer go for walks, jump or climb, or use the puppy pads. We are playing “catch” with his functions using paper towels and plastic bags. 24/7 hospice care for him since my spouse was laid off in March. His senses were supposed to sharpen to account for blindness but that didn’t really happen, so he bonks into stuff a lot. We put padded strips on just about everything we could to minimize danger. At night, he sleeps in 45 minute bursts, so we are very sleep deprived.

The problems: 1. I have never had to make this decision before, so no experience.

2. Pandemic means vet visits are heavily curtailed.

3. The only real markers I know of for “when it’s time” is refusing food / going off under bushes and stuff. We don’t have a yard and his SARDS condition includes side effects of extreme hunger and thirst, so I don’t see him refusing food anytime soon.

4. We’re worried about his quality of life. It seems like if we look away for a minute, he has pooped and is walking in circles in it. Cognitively he seems lucid some of the time, mostly during the day. Sundowns in the evenings.

How do you know when it is time when it’s a question of quality of life and there is no clear marker for ‘giving up’ e.g. refusing food? Any experience with canine cognitive dementia declining dogs would be most welcome. This decision is extremely hard, our bond with him is very deep (we don’t have kids, he is like our child) and we love him more than anything in the world.

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