Wat te eten voor een betere slaap Podcast 113

Wat te eten voor een betere slaap Podcast 113

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Info and notes for podcast 113 are on RunEatRepeat.com here. AND The Run Faster 5 Day Challenge starts July 29th! 

In case you’re new here – I’m Monica, creator of the site RunEatRepeat.com. I started running after high school to lose weight and slowly fell in love with it! Since then I’ve run over 30 marathons, 50 half marathons and lost 20 pounds.

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Today I’m talking to registered dietitian and author of the book Eat to Sleep Karman Meyer. She’s sharing tips on the best foods to eat and what to avoid. Plus I confess an addiction I have that impacts my sleep. And we talk about a super food that’s considered great for runners and is also helpful for better quality sleep! AND if you’re already sleeping like a sloth – I have a huge announcement that’s not about a random life update – it’s for YOU! 

Before that… I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

The Run Faster 5 Day Challenge starts July 29th! 

If you want to run faster – join me and runners of all levels to learn some of my best tips and strategies! 

Even if you’re a new runner or crashed and burned at your last race – the challenge can help you get on track fast!

Sign up now here – Run Faster 5 Day Challenge

Now let’s start today’s episode with a warm up!

Warm Up:

Well if you follow me on Instagram – @RunEatRepeat you might have noticed… nothing. 

As in I haven’t posted for over 2 weeks. That’s like 14 months in Sasha Media land! 

Thank you!  I really appreciate everyone who follows me. I feel like we are friends. It does make me feel good that you follow and like and comment. Seriously – it probably shouldn’t but it does. 

I extra appreciate it because no one comments on blogs anymore so commenting on my IG or Facebook is the way we stay in touch! 

I don’t want to make it a big deal because I don’t think it is one. But… I also want to address because it’s not a big deal. I don’t feel like I should apologize. We didn’t have plans that I flaked out on. 

This is my job. Social media is a huge part of being able to keep RunEatRepeat.com and the podcast going! If I can’t promote it and share it – I can’t keep it up. 

But it’s also okay to log off when you need a break. You don’t owe people anything – except your mom. Be nice to her. 

And I missed you!!

I missed you!!! And we have so much to catch up on!

What have you been up to? Did you feel the earthquake?? I did!! Also I got Sloppy McSlopperson last weekend!

I listened to a book that I wanted to talk to you about but since we were on a break I had to text my friend Christine – she’s the one who wrote the Best Books for Runners post. My texts were totally out of the blue so I’m sure she thought I was on drugs. The problem was I was off drugs – if Sasha Media is my usual addiction. 

I’m going to set aside specific time to make sure I check in with both every weekday. So please continue to comment or DM me if you have a question or want to say Hi. 

Also – remember there’s the Run Eat Repeat Podcast Facebook group! Join in and connect with other listeners. 

Point is… tell me what was the BEST part of your month so far!

I have a post up with the best and not so best parts of the last 2 weeks! I’ll link to it in the show notes on RunEatRepeat.com 

fast asleep runner

Okay… that was exhausting.

Good thing I have some tips to help you sleep better tonight! Let’s get to the interview with Registered Dietician and author of Eat to Sleep Karman Meyer! 

Eat to Sleep with Registered Dietician Karman Meyer

Karman is a registered dietician and author of the new book – Eat to Sleep : What to eat and when to eat it for a good night’s sleep every night. 

We discuss what foods to eat that might help you sleep better. Also – what foods can prevent you from getting good sleep. 

Why sleep is so important for your health

Talk about melatonin and my addiction to it

I asked her about CBD

A food that’s great for runners and it’s packed with melatonin to help you sleep! (Any guesses what it is?)

Is there a best time to stop eating before you go to sleep?

Why hydration is also good for better sleep

Her favorite recipe packed with sleep supporting nutrients

Her thoughts on sleep tracking devices

Then I randomly realized why I used to be addicted to chickpeas!! (Super randomly but maybe helpful?)

My cluster pee hack for dogs and people -> try it and tag me! (Kidding. Kinda.)

You can follow Karman Meyer RD on instagram here and on facebook here.

Get her book at your local bookstore or on Amazon here -> Eat to Sleep

Awards = My Favorite Sleeping Helpers

These are my favorite sleeping helpers! 

  1. Salt Rock Lamp with sound therapy

2. Weighted blanket

3. Under knee pillow (it’s not a sex pillow but my friend says it looks like one)

Hope this episode was super helpful and fun!

Remember to tag @RunEatRepeat on instagram and let me know what you’re doing right now or what was the BEST part of your month so far. 

The Run Faster Challenge starts July 29th! 

Sign up now at RunEatRepeat.com/runfaster5daychallenge

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